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Debt Program Calculator

*Minimum $7,500 Unsecured Debt*


Simple And Transparent

Revolution Debt Relief L.L.C. Program Cost

(In Detail)

 Two  programs offered in the debt relief industry, Include

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  • Debt Validation                                      (50% of total debt, see debt calculator)


  • Credit education                                    (Assistance Included with  R.D.R. debt validation program)

Our Goal


The goal at Revolution Debt Relief LLC is to educate our clients on the best possible strategic options available for their particular debt situation. Most people wish to become debt-free, but the interest rate they carry on their debts makes this extremely difficult. Unexpected financial hardships are rarely expected but always occur without warning. This is why having a debt professional who advocates for your consumer rights is essential.  




Revolution Debt Relief LLC specializes in the Debt Validation process. This is a comprehensive and holistic program that has a strong probability of success in resolving certain debt issues. 




We believe in educating the client in our programs but also offer referrals to the alternative options listed above. Speak with a professional debt specialist today and ask any questions you may have about the various programs in the industry. We will always be straight forward in describing the benefits and costs of each program. Debt Validation is a powerful tool because it is backed by federal law. These are consumer rights that when properly utilized, have teeth and can effectively solve many debt situations.   




Private student loans have become an enormous burden for young people starting after graduating from college. Many students took undergraduate loans and financial aid to help with paying for their education.


As the loan amount to Sallie Mae or a private lender comes due, most former students do not have extra money for their debts. Being forced to live on credit cards has added to a growing mountain of debt and emotional stress. The average student has $27,900 in credit card debt, according to Northwestern mutuals 2019 progress and planning study.


Other people need help to get out of debt due to medical expenses, credit card debt, or car repossessions. Over 3 million Americans are behind 90 days on their car payments. Difficult financial times are emotionally stressful and hurt their credit score.

Debt Calculator


So what is the best way to get out of debt and gain back your financial freedom? I would suggest first going to our Debt Calculator and getting a clearer understanding of the numbers. Most people tend to be worried about their credit history and credit score. However, when you see the catastrophic effect compounding interest will have over the life of your debts, your credit history becomes irrelevant.


Credit card debt relief, medical debts, private student loans, and many other unsecured debts can be resolved through our Debt Dispute Program. Paying for college should not force you to suffer for 15, 25, and 30+ years due to predatory lending practices.


Debt Validation-Program Details


The debt relief programs we offer are comprehensive and effective in substantially reducing the debts owed by our clients. Using consumer laws under the federal debt collection practices act or F.D.C.P.A., our clients can resolve their debt problems in as little as four years instead of 15 years.


Your Consumer Right


Debt Validation challenges the validity of the alleged debts from the original creditor after they are sold to the 3rd party collection agency. A well-tested strategy that we can use to reduce your debts substantially. We charge 50% of your total unsecured debt amount. This is approximately half the cost of a debt settlement program and far cheaper than any potential savings from a consolidation loan.


Credit Restoration Education


Included in the program is credit repair assistance.   This is the final step in improving your credit after your debts have been invalidated. Many credit repair companies charge thousands of dollars for this type of credit service. At Revolution Debt Relief, L.L.C. it is part of the full-service debt relief program.


No Upfront Fees


There are no upfront or hidden fees. The validation program is up too 48 months long, although most debts are invalidated in under 24. 


Only 48 Months


Forty-eight months covers most states statute of limitation requirements, which adds another level of legal protection for our clients. There are no loan terms or interest on your monthly payments. Simply make sure the designated amount is in your account, and an A.C.H. withdrawal will be pulled at the same time each month, that's it.


Revolution Debt Relief LLC, Debt Validation Program Summary:

  • Challenges alleged debts by third party collection agents.

  • Fees = Are 50% of your total unsecured debts.

  • Legal Assistance (will create a debt payment plan, if necessary)

  • Credit Restoration assistance after the debt has been invalidated.

  • Money-Back Guarantee on any debts not invalidated.

  • Most programs are 12-36 months, a maximum length of 48.

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