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I started Revolution Debt Relief after 23 years in Finance, I was looking for a new challenge and wanted to get out of my "comfort zone". By chance, I ran into an associate who was working in the debt relief industry out of Beverly Hills. After getting up to speed on the financial products and services this industry had to offer, I quickly saw an opportunity. I wanted to help the average American consumer who simply had fallen on hard times get out of debt legally.

  Second, to position my self in an industry that seemed much too "wild west" and unprofessional. The standards, ethics, and necessary "compliance" for a sector that deals so closely with consumer finances were far too lax. So I decided to start a consulting company that specialized in debt relief solutions.  The goal to assist people with their debt problems and hopefully give them a better life. However, I did not want to just set up a call center with young kids "pitching" products that were negligible at best. I wanted real solutions for helping my clients to find a practical debt relief strategy.

My goal, to provide open and transparent services that worked. All clients will receive a comprehensive analysis of their debts and credit counseling as part of our services.  I believe that my experience in finance is key to helping people with their debt situation. Not only can I draw on a wealth of real-world experience but also have the analytical and legal skill-sets to be a formidable advocate for my clients. My commitment is to you, the client, who in a time of financial hardship, needs a strong and capable advocate to fight for them. That is my guarantee, that is my promise!!.   


Mark Diaz
Revolution Debt Relief LLC 

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Unlike So many Debt Relief companies, I am always available to assist you.  If I am unable to answer I will get back to you A.S.A.P.  I look forward to earning your business.

Mark Diaz


Revolution Debt Relief LLC

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