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Consolidation Loan Program

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Consolidate your credit card debts today, with a low-interest consolidation loan!

If you do NOT qualify or do not want to move forward with the Debt Dispute program, we have another option - the CONSOLIDATION LOAN.

If you meet the criteria and qualify, you will receive a low-interest loan to pay off your credit card debts!


Program Structure:

  • The monthly payment and a payment term of the loan will vary depending on your loan amount approved, and your current monthly budget.

  • Fees for the  “Consolidation Loan”:  9.99% of the loan amount approved.

  • Example: 30K loan * 9.99% = $2,997 fee

Criteria for the Consolidation Loan:

  • 680 or better credit score

  • Debt to Income Ratio (DTI) of 40% or less

  • Verifiable income

  • Not have filed a bankruptcy within the past 10 years

  • No Repossessions

  • No foreclosure

  • No accounts in Collections

  • No late payments in the past 6 months

We look forward to working with you and helping to provide you with a solution to resolve your debts!

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