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The Best Debt Relief Affiliate program

(High Commission Rates with Quik Payouts.)





The debt relief industry offers a fantastic opportunity to create a passive income for an affiliate marketer through digital products and online marketing services. Revolution Debt Relief LLC is a premier affiliate vendor that seeks to provide the best possible debt products and services through its affiliate marketing program. 


With over 25 years of business experience, Revolution Debt Relief strives to become a leader in the ballooning debt relief sector. We specialize in credit card debts, medical, personal loans, and many other unsecured debts.


 If you have clients that are looking for debt negotiation, debt consolidation, or just becoming debt-free, our comprehensive debt validation programs are the answer.


We offer some of the best debt relief affiliate commissions in the industry. Digital marketing has been around for a long time and, when properly executed, offers numerous opportunities in creating high net worth passive income streams.  


 Other debt relief companies offer a variety of affiliate products, such as national debt relief. However, if you want the best debt relief affiliate program, you need the best debt relief affiliate, merchant.  


This means smaller, leaner, faster, and more ethical. Something the larger companies in the debt relief can't provide, but we can!!. 


Why we are different

     At Revolution Debt Relief, we offer high-quality products such as a comprehensive debt validation program for consumers who are in situations of financial hardship. Unlike many of the programs within the debt relief industry. We utilize consumer laws over financial "tactics."


 Debt validation is a federal statute under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA). A consumer law created in 1977 by congress to protect consumers being taken advantage of by "unscrupulous debt buyers and debt collectors."


Therefore affiliates can be assured that the high-quality products they are providing for the clients are reliable and legitimate. The best products in the industry sell themselves. They are unique, having credibility and efficacy within their specific vertical.


 Debt validation is a highly effective tool for assisting consumers in regaining their financial freedom. You or your agents will have access to substantially higher affiliate commissions, as this is a niche product. Based on our multi-tiered commission structure. Agents can earn from

$5-20.00 per verified lead and $100-350.00 per verified enrollment.   


It is not uncommon for enrollment specialist to close 3-5 deals a weak. If you have multiple agents sending over prospective sales, reaching the top tier of $350 per enrollment will happen very quickly. 


Better service - Better products = More Clients!!.

  The problem with the debt relief industry is 99% of the companies are selling programs that do not benefit the average consumer. As an affiliate for Revolution Debt Relief, you can expect a much higher closing rate. We only deal with products that meet our rigorous standards and financial requirements.


Money is always a strong motivator, but you should also appreciate that by choosing a company that prides itself on customer satisfaction, you will be "handing" off your clients to a reputable partner. We are a company that specializes in high-quality debt relief programs and care about our clients.


  The combination of products and services based on consumer laws, a consumer advocacy model, and an established track record of closing deals can't be matched in this industry. We are not here to "churn and burn" but build long-standing relationships to the benefit of our clients and affiliate agents.

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Best debt relief solution - Debt Validation

   As an affiliate for Revolution Debt Relief, You will gain the opportunity to offer some of the most comprehensive debt relief programs available today. The solutions we advise are the gold standard in the often murky and opaque debt relief industry.


The debt Validation program we offer allows the client to make one monthly payment for an average of 24-36 months; there are no upfront fees. As part of the program, we give legal assistance through debt payment negotiations when necessary. Also, we provide access to credit restoration educational videos.  Allowing the client to work towards rebuilding their poor credit.


 Debt validation or a strategic default is an often-overlooked strategy in the debt relief industry. Again most of the debt-relief options available today, debt settlement sometimes referred to as debt negotiation, debt management, and credit counseling, rarely help the consumer.


The consumer has few options and mostly lousy advice from the so-called experts. A financial advocate is what the client needs, and this is what we offer.


 An aggressive strategy that attacks the principal debt giving the client the best debt relief option for their debt situation. As a consumer right, When executed correctly, it is a highly useful tool that has "teeth." Some advantages of our debt validation program include:


The benefit for the client,


  •  50-80% saving compared with a

  •  Debt settlement program.

  •  Debt management program.

  •  Debt consolidation program.

  •  Based on consumer laws; (FDCPA).

  •  Not industry "tactics."


The benefit for the Agent,


  1. No middlemen.

  2. Quick Payout.

  3. Legitimate program.

  4. Highly competitive product. 

  5. Higher closing rate.

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Faster Payout

  Many digital marketers use Shareasale, Clickbank (formally commission junction), Linkshare. Cj affiliate or some other network platform for their affiliate marketing goals. At Revolution Debt Relief, we use our own in house affiliate service software to streamline the process. This is allowing us to get leads and you to get paid as quickly as possible.


When a lead generated through your efforts is successful, you get paid. No going back and forth through emails and intermediaries, we strive to make our affiliates happy. This way, you get your money as soon as we get ours. If you build a solid reputation for providing quality leads, we will pay you that day; it's that simple.  


Our commission structure is incentive-based. The more quality leads generated, the higher the payout to yourself or your agents.  

 Payouts and Commission Rates


Website: Form Leads


  • 1-25       Leads $5.00  per qualified lead.

  • 26-50     Leads $10.00 per qualified lead.

  • 51-75     Leads $15.00 per qualified lead.

  • 76-101+ Leads $20.00 per qualified lead.




Phone: Transfer Leads


  • 1-25        Leads $100.00 per enrollment.

  • 26-50      Leads $200.00 per enrollment.

  • 51-75      Leads $300.00 per enrollment.

  • 76-101+  Leads $350.00 per enrollment.


*Per week.



At Revolution Debt Relief, we know that affiliate marketing works and strive to engage with our affiliate partners to build a robust and long-lasting relationship. We don't try to be the best salesmen, but we do try to be the best businessmen. Please contact us if you have an interest in becoming one of our select affiliates.

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